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August 2, 2017




Besides being a psychic medium, I'm also an author who specializes in the history and legends of King Arthur. I just love the mystery and mythology of all the legends and the different ideologies of his existence and history. I will be gifting my book starting August 7th! I will only run the promotion for a day or two because it's my son's birthday. Don't miss out because I only do this once a year! 

To kick off the promotion, I will be posting a card a day (starting August 7th) of the Arthurian Tarot! Each day I will post a card, starting with the major arcana, and explain the meaning and legends associated with it. I will do one a day throughout the whole deck. So if you're interested in tarot and the Arthurian legends, this will be a great way to apply both to your readings. It's for both beginners and advanced. 

Here's the link for the free book 

The Infinite Character of King Arthur   


Be sure to bookmark this page so you can get your Free copy in a couple of days!




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