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Learn How To See Auras

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Learning to See the Aura 1)Learning to See Aura Once you have decided that you want to see auras, it is important to learn about how we see auras and what their effects on us might be. To learn to see auras, you must first learn to retrain your eyes, which have been damaged in a way by the constant bombardment that we expose them to every day in the form of our computers, our televisions, and the video games that we play. To retrain your eyes, you will need to learn how to use a new kind of vision. You will need to learn to use your peripheral vision to be able to see auras correctly. If you never learned how to do this effectively, then the following exercise will help. 2) Activating your Peripheral Vision

Stare at the black dot. It is tempting to look around, but you need to focus your eyes on this dot and not look around or look away. Doing this without blinking is best, but if that is not possible, do not worry. After 30-45 seconds, possibly before, you should begin to see a colored aura around the circles. 3) Why this Works To Help You See Aura The auras that you see are actually the images being imprinted into your eyes and your mind. You should notice that the colors reverse, since the inverse of red is cyan, a shade of blue. When your eyes are moving, they constantly process things in a slightly incomplete manner, similar to watching a television show, where frames of action seem to flow fluidly. By holding our eyes still, we can increase their processing power and their sensitivity, which helps us to learn how to see auras. Do not go out and stare at people quite yet, though, there are other steps to master. 4) The Next Step In Aura Viewing Techniques

Your goal with this exercise is to focus your eyes so that the circles appear to split into four circles. Overlap the center circles and focus until you are able to see a white cross. This takes practice and can be hard to do at first. You are training your left brain and right brain to communicate with one another. A few minutes of practice every day can prove highly beneficial in being able to see auras. 5) How to Apply It Find a willing subject and sit them in front of a plain white background to start out. You should stare at a singular point; the middle of the forehead is best. After a while, you will begin to see the aura against the background, but resist the temptation to look away, or you will lose it. After a good 30-60 seconds of concentrating, close your eyes to see the aura alone. Be quick! After about two seconds, your eyes will readjust and you will lose it. You can also practice seeing your own aura with a plain white background and a mirror, allowing you to develop your auric sight and to become more proficient at seeing auras without the need to stare. 

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